LinkedIn Reveals most Overused Phrases

Insights based on the behaviour of Irish LinkedIn users, which now tops 1.1 million, has revealed that January 21st is the site's busiest day when it comes to professionals contemplating the future of their careers.

To mark the occasion, LinkedIn decided to reveal the ten most over-used buzzwords on Irish LinkedIn profiles in a bid to help people stand-out from the crowd. Not only are the phrases considered unoriginal, but employers are beginning to look less favourably on those who use them in abundance.

Spokesperson for LinkedIn, Darain Faraz said; ?It's really important that people are authentic on their profiles but you can help yourself - and boost your professional brand - by painting a more colourful picture and steering clear of the most predictable buzzwords.?

?With people taking more interest in their careers in January, it's never been more challenging to stand out from the crowd. Show individuality by including charity work and interests, and treat LinkedIn as your professional portfolio by uploading examples of your work,? Faraz added.

The most overused phrases among Irish LinkedIn members in 2014 were:

1. Motivated
2. Enthusiastic
3. Passionate
4. Driven
5. Track Record
6. Creative
7. Extensive Experience
8. Responsible
9. Communication Skills
10. Ambitious

We can't imagine there's a single person not guilty of using one, if not several, of the phrases listed. How about you? How many of the words are you guilty of using?



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