Lilly Higgins' Beetroot and Coriander Sauerkraut Recipe

Make Lilly Higgins? sweet?take on her favourite earthy sauerkraut recipe...

In this recipe, Lilly Higgins reinterprets a raw vegan beetroot sauerkraut recipe by?Laura Miller?by?adding coriander seeds for an exotic kick.

Beetroot and coriander sauerkraut

2 heads red cabbage
2? tbsp sea salt
1 small beetroot
1 tsp?coriander seeds
1 large kilner jar
1 small piece of muslin or cotton

Lilly Higgins' Beetroot and Coriander Sauerkraut Recipe


1. First clean everything you'll be using really well.?You don't want to introduce any?extra bacteria so scrub your hands, chopping board, jar etc.
2. Discard?the outer leaves and finely shred the cabbage?using either a mandolin or a sharp knife.?Place it in a large clay or china bowl.
3. Pour over the sea salt and massage it really well into the cabbage - this will break down the fibres of the leaves and make it release its natural liquids.
4. Scrub, peel and roughly grate the beetroot.
5. Add the beetroot to the bowl of cabbage along with the coriander seeds, mix well and leave sit for an hour - you'll be amazed how much liquid will come out.
6. Pack the cabbage mixture as tightly as possible into the jar with your fist and pour the cabbage juice over the top. It's important that the cabbage is completely covered by liquid so really press it down. I then add a weight (I scrubbed a small jam jar till spotlessly clean and filled with baking beans, then pressed this down on top of the cabbage).
7. Cover the top of the jar with the muslin cloth and tie with string or an elastic band.
8. Place somewhere cool and dark for 10-20 days.
9. Check your sauerkraut every few days. Once it tastes fermented to your liking, remove any bubbles that have formed on on top (and don't be too surprised if you see some'mould - just remove it immediately and discard any pieces if cabbage that have been contaminated).
10. Place it in the fridge, where it?will keep for 1-2 months.

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