Simple Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

More often than not, it can be pretty difficult to kickstart our bodies and minds back into work-mode after the weekend; where ?weekend you? has to morph back into 'midweek you?. But these simple ideas could really help you ?to reboot your Monday morning, and help you to start your week off?the right way.

The Science Bit: Why We Hate Mondays

Some psychologists?believe that we associate stronger feelings towards Mondays and Fridays than we do other days of the week; meaning that we often push feelings for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday into the back of our subconscious. We associate Mondays with being 'dull', 'boring', and 'sad', whereas when we think of Fridays our mind is flooded with positive attributes such as 'freedom', 'safety', and 'fun'.?Other psychologists think that the reason we tend to hate Mondays more than any other day is due to social constructs?and that we hear 'Monday' being used more frequently in everyday language.

Identify The Bigger Problem

Does the prospect of Monday morning leave you feeling down or angry on a regular basis? These feelings could be related to a larger problem going on in your life - whether it's issues with a job, a partner or a personal issue. Once the problem is identified, initiate positive change and your mindset will begin to change. Who knows: maybe it's time for a career change.


Become A Forward Thinker

Think of what you need for Monday and prepare it on Sunday night. This will not only make you more organised but it will give you an extra couple of minutes in bed - it's a win-win situation.

Dress For Success

Wearing clothes that make you feel confident can boost your morale and confidence levels, meaning that you're more likely to perform to your best ability in work. A study carried out by Columbia University and California State University, Northridge, found that wearing formal clothes can change the way people think about you, and it has been proven to make a person appear more powerful.

Be Kind To Your Mind

Our days can often be overtaken by screens and the hyperactivity of the internet, and too much of it can be very overwhelming. It's healthy and beneficial, however, to have a mini digital detox so that your mind is clear before going to sleep. If a digital detox isn't your thing, try setting your phone to 'do not disturb? mode which turns off any notifications. This way you're still connected to the internet, but you won't be tempted to pick up your phone every few minutes. It will guarantee?you a better night'sleep too.

Have Fun


Schedule something fun or exciting post-work on Monday, that way you're rewarding yourself for a hard days work, and you have something to look forward to!

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