Lidl is launching a yoga range with prices starting from €5

Yoga can be a somewhat daunting task. Breathing in and out while simultaneously putting your legs behind your head isn't the easiest activity, but the benefits of yoga outweigh any negative connotations. It settles the body and mind and is one of the most effective ways to successfully wind down.

Flexibility issues aside, yoga gear can be expensive. However, Lidl has come to save the day with their new yoga range, which includes; tops, leggings, pants, sports bras, yoga mats and bags that are both high in quality and available at an affordable price.

So whether you are a regular yogi or a new year beginner, the range is the perfect component to start or continue your journey to yoga zen. The range is now available in all 159 Lidl stores nationwide while stock last.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from the new range.

Ladies leggings, €6.99


Seamless sports bra, €5.99

Yoga vest, €4.99

Yoga mat, €6.99


Yoga bag, €8.99

Yoga ball, €5.99

Yoga pants, €7.99

Yoga top, €6.99



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