Lebanese TV Host is Our Monday Heroine

Live television is a scary gig. One little mistake and you're liable to become a viral sensation. Remember Aengus Mac Grianna's makeup touch up on the RTE news?

In recent days, the latest anchor to take over YouTube is Rima Karaki, a Lebanese TV host who had the best reaction to a man telling her to shut up.

Last week Karaki was interviewing?Islamist Hani Al-Seba'i?on a current affairs show when he told her to shut up after she asked him to stick to the topic at hand. They were discussing christians being recruited by Islamist groups and Al-Seba'i?kept straying from the questions being posed - a headache for any live broadcaster.

The Lebanese TV host goes on a totally inspiring tirade against his sexist attitude, and tells him he's out of line. Skip the morning coffee and make the video above your morning jolt.


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