Leanne Woodfull's 5 Favourite Places For Food In Dublin

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I love Dublin a lot, and I mean a lot; its selection of incredible and quirky restaurants being one of the main reasons I adore this city. I love food more than anything (yes, even sloths) so I'd like to think I'm quite 'down? with where to eat in the city centre. I've put together five of my current favourite eateries for you, in no particular order - all completely different to each other and friendly to your bank balance. Bon appetit!

1. Yo! Sushi (Clarendon Street)

I've been going to Yo! Sushi since I was a young teen and it's hands down one of my favourite places to pop into for a healthy and yummy sushi snack when I'm roaming around town. Many people think it's overpriced for the portion sizes you're getting but sushi is never ?cheap? - and if it is, think twice about eating it ?cause it mightn't be so fresh.

I eat in the Clarendon Street branch at least 3-4 times a month, as it's so close to everything and I enjoy being familiar with the staff there. The food range has improved immensely with the introduction of a new menu earlier on in the year and you can eat everything from fish, to chicken, to beef to tofu dishes so there's something there for everyone!

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Faves: Salmon Maki, Miso soup, Spicy Seafood Udon and Prawn Katsu.

2. KC Peaches (54 Dame Street)

Another regular haunt of mine is KC Peaches on Dame Street. Healthy restaurants and caf's have been popping up everywhere over the last few years, as I feel like we're all quite bored of junk food and chicken fillet rolls (when sober, at least). The array of places we have to choose from is fantastic at the moment and I can't recommend KC Peaches enough for a filling meal, that you won't regret an hour later.

Their Dame Street restaurant is the gorgeous pale blue building on the corner opposite Spar, which has two well-lit floors, gorgeous views of the city and plenty of space (and plug sockets) for you to chill out and recharge in. They only serve healthy wholefood - both hot and cold and they have both breakfast and daytime menus on offer.

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Faves: American breakfast burrito, Cheesecake Brownie and Green Beards juices.

3. P?g Froyo (33 Batchelor's Walk)


P?g is one of my favourite places to nip into when I'm across the Liffey for a healthy and revitalising snack. Gym-buffs, you will ADORE this place! The interior is so pretty and super-Instagrammable, you'll never want to leave. The friendly staff always make my day when I visit, might I add.

P?g do everything from custom salads, smoothies, juices and protein pancakes - absolutely everything is genuinely good for you, designed to give you a boost and tastes ah-mazing. The prices are really decent too and you feel a million bucks after you leave.

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Faves: The Bodybuilder smoothie, Protein Pancakes with Cleantella and Happiness juice.

4. Skinflint (19 Crane Lane)

Just off of Dame Street tucked away is one of my monthly go-to restaurants. Skinflint has been a favourite of mine since it opened a few years back and its chilled-out atmosphere and unique setting never fails to please me.

If you're a fan of pizza, hipster lemonade and delicious sides, you need to give this place a visit ASAP. Their pizzas are beyond special and unlike any I've ever seen before - the topping combinations are really unique that they may scare you off initially but they always work so, so well. The table tops have bottles of water ready to go and even jars of honey that you most definitely will top your pizza with - trust me. Deeee-lish!


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Faves: Celine pizza, Pink Grapefruit homemade lemonade and Mac and Cheese.

5. Luncheonette (NCAD, Thomas Street)

My beloved Luncheonette is situated right inside my college and it's our equivalent to a canteen. This heavenly restaurant is run by the lovely Jenny (a former sculpture pupil). Jenny and the Luncheonette team create all homemade, fresh and healthy food and drinks on a daily basis for both students and the general public. Each day the menu is swapped around and can change up, depending on the season - you never get bored of eating there and it's a dream for all students.

Did I mention that everything is under €4 too? Yep. Whether your sweet-tooth is calling and you're craving a flapjack or want to warm up in the Winter with a jammed-packed spicy soup, you're covered. Naturally, being in NCAD, inside is super-arty and interesting but really spacious and comfortable. It's a true hidden gem in Dublin's city centre.

Article 4 - Luncheonette

Faves: Homemade flapjacks, Lemon and Honey tea and ALL of the soups.



BY Leanne Woodfull

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