Le Galaxie & Mother

For those of us unfortunate enough to have had bronchitis and work to do on Electric Picnic weekend, this is the first chance we've had to redeem ourselves, let the hair down and do the hokey-pokey. To celebrate the blessed left-of-centeredness that is the Fringe, the holy grail of queerdom dance music, Mother, meets the electronic musical karate kid, Le Galaxie, in a night sure to get your mojo flowing once more. Meeting House Square will be the outdoor-indoor setting for it once again, hosting the very special 3D concert that Le Galaxie are offering up. The official party line is that the late-night bar will no longer be running. In fact the square will be an alcohol-free zone. This will not surprise anyone who was around for Pride a few months back, where things around the square got ?a bit exciting? to put it mildly. Truth be told the ban is unlikely to hinder anyone in their pursuit of pleasure - whether you abstain or find a way around it...

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Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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