Lazy Morning Holiday Food

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Quick bites and make-ahead treats for the festive break...

From energy-boosting bites meant to perk up your day to decadent treats to keep warm, here are our food ideas for the post-Christmas lazy mornings. Maybe have these before your New Year resolutions?

  1. Rainy day breakfast in bed, by two of our fabulous contributors,?Rincy Koshy and?Jette Virdi
  2. Warming?tomato soup with red kidney beans, chorizo and parsley oil by Dublin-based foodie and photographer?Yol?ne Debreteau
  3. Super-healthy, super-cute?oat millet chia and banana flapjacks by American Ireland-based country cook?
  4. An indulgent?French toast recipe from?Nessa's Family Kitchen
  5. Make-ahead?quinoa banana bread from?La Tartine Gourmande
  6. Easy-peasy and super-tasty?avocado toast from?
  7. The tongue-twisting, but mouth-watering?Shakshouka on?
  8. Nostalgia-inducing?hot raisin bread from?biggirlssmallkitchen

And if you really can't work up the energy to cook at all, here are French Foodie in Dublin's reviews of?the best places to have brunch in Dublin, plus the favourite?lazy morning hotspots of our fabulous food writers.

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