Lauren Conrad Sued Over Website Pictures

Former Hills star turned lifestyle slash fashion guru Lauren Conrad has been met with a lawsuit for allegedly using two pictures on her website without permission. And not just any pictures, mind you. Snaps of two surfing dogs.

According to TMZ, who obtained details of the lawsuit, photo agency Incredible Features Inc (IFI) is suing Conrad for using two very cool photos of dogs surfing on her website without permission. While one could argue the photos are harmless (and very cute in nature), the agency pointed out that as she?uses the website to promote her business ventures, including her Kohl's clothing line, it's not really the same thing as posting snaps to your personal Instagram account, and hence, she needed permission before using both images.

We can't post the pictures here for obvious reasons, but they are over yonder for those who wish to see.

In filings, the company describes LC's site as a ?commercial enterprise through which Conrad shills her Kohl's clothing line amongst other things.? They added that they own the pictures. Conrad has since removed the post, which incidentally, isn't recent, but the lawsuit is only coming to light now.?We're all for fair, legitimate image use in the world of blogging, but it sounds a tad extreme, especially since the post has been removed.


This sounds like a photo agency creating much-ado over nothing - Conrad is a known dog lover and it's doubtful that such an experienced and successful?businesswoman would knowingly steal images - but if you're going to go down for something, it might as well be for puppy pictures.

Some websites are already suggesting (in jest, we assume) that fellow Hills alumni Spencer Pratt is behind the whole thing, which would be more worrisome that the lawsuit itself.


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