The Latest Superfood? Yep, It's Bread.

We've never heard the word bread uttered in the same sentence as the word superfood, have you? In fact the two are probably considered polar opposites and no nutritionist will ever tell you that fat, fluffy white bread is good for you, let alone a superfood. But that sucks because white bread is really, really, really-times-infinity good. Now, if our eyes don't deceive us, your prayers may be answered. But it's not white bread, it's purple. Stay with us.

So the problem with regular bread is that it causes our blood sugar levels to spike and it's digested far too fast, whereas what our body really needs is slow-release carbohydrates. As a solution, Professor Zhou Weibiao, a food scientist at the National University of Singapore, has created a purple bread that's digested 20 percent slower than your average batch loaf.

In what sounds like the best thing since sliced pan, Zhou's bread is packed full of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and it's 100% natural.

According to Pop Sugar, "Zhou incorporated anthocyanins from black rice, which hold antioxidants and have been proven to help prevent cardiovascular and neurological diseases, as well as help regulate diabetes. The anthocyanins give the bread its purple hue and are also responsible for the slow-digesting quality of the purple bread. Not only does the colorful alternative better for you, but it also has the same texture as white bread that we love."


Speaking to CNN this food wizard explains: "You are eating the same amount of starch and wheat flour, so the nutritional value is the same. The key idea here is slowing down the energy release, so you use those calories over a longer period of time."

But here's the bad news: it's not available yet and we're not sure when it will be but by golly will we be buying it in bulk when it eventually hits our nearest supermarket shelves.

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