Last Minute Kris Kringle Ideas

Buying a gift for someone you know well can be an absolute nightmare, but choosing a gift for someone you've only made conversation with while waiting for the kettle to boil or queuing for the loos is impossible. You might as well be playing pin the tail on the perfect?gift in an ocean of likely-to-be-regifted duds.

Office Kris Kringle is often a bit of a social status thing too, buy the most hilarious and/or befitting gift for a colleague and you'll be the toast of the Christmas party but receive an amazing gift and then be forced hand over your poorly-wrapped tin of Jacobs biscuits is utter mortification. It really is a finely balanced art. You want it to look like you just walked into the shop and picked up this great gift with nothing but bundles of innate style and wit.

Well we've selected gift ideas for everyone including the techies, girly girls, artists, comedians and the I-think-I-spoke-you-once-before people. We're particularly partial to the gorgeous limited edition Irish-made?Coast to Coast Calendar. It'd brighten up any kitchen or hall and is packed full of stunning images of Irish coastlines. Come Christmas next year we'll be cutting it up and framing the photographs because we're not yet adult enough to buy actual art but don't want our home to resemble a student den either!

Don't forget to go 'FULLSCREEN' to get all the info and purchasing links.


Happy Shopping :)


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