Tomorrow is the last day to send Christmas cards by standard post

Have you got a stack of Christmas cards left to write? Or a bundle of stamped letters you've forgotten to post? It's time to get a move on.

According to An Post, December 20 (that's this Thursday) is the last day to send Ireland-bound cards by standard post if you want them to arrive on time.

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If you’re willing to pay extra for express delivery, you have until Friday, December 21.

Sending Christmas cards abroad


There is just enough time to get your UK-bound Christmas cards delivered on time, but only if you opt for registered post or express post.

An Post says any letters bound for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England need to be in the postbox by tonight, December 19.

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Unfortunately, if you were planning to send cards or parcels to the United States, the deadline of December 10 has already passed. The same goes for letters addressed to Europe, Australia, New Zealand or countries in Asia; as these deadlines were December 18 and 7 respectively.

Advice from An Post

For those of us who have yet to send cards or parcels within Ireland, An Post has issued the following advice: "Parcel volumes have doubled since last year. We advise customers to always use full postal addresses, to write clearly, seal all items carefully and to use lots of wrapping paper and tape on parcels."

The statement added, "A return address on all items will allow us to safely return items that cannot be delivered."


Time to get writing.

For more information on postal deadlines, visit An Post.

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