Lady And The Bruski

Wandering from one watering-hole to another it's become apparent to me that the craft beer thing has gone beyond the bore-fest of big-bellied, bearded men who can talk about them til you and the cows go home - even the chardonnay swigging fairer sex has come to have an opine on the craft bruski. Bizarrely however we all seem to be endowed with gendered taste-buds, as women all seem to go for the same choices over and over again and certain beers have even started marketing themselves to women. Having noticed this we thought it apt to develop a wee list, from the most apparent options, to our most particular preferences ?

Brewdog, Punk IPA ? Most obvious choice. Women seem to go for pale ale or blonde beers and this one has the added bonus of having a nice label as well as being tangy and light. Most places.

Blue Moon ? This is served almost exclusively to women during the winter, and probably still served largely to women during the summer months. It comes in a particularly tall glass, with a slice of orange and it's very light, refreshing and fruity, all buzz words when it comes to hitting the female market. Against The Grain, Black Sheep both serve it on tap. Has to be on tap or else no point.

Duvel & Leffe - Belgian beers are the second female fave after IPAs I would guess. Their slightly bitter flavour along with their hint of hoppiness give them a little more kick without going full metal jacket. Leffe is fruity compared to Duvel, which is served in a tulip shaped glass to enhance smell whilst Leffe is served in a goblet, both glasses generally appeal to the ladies - Against The Grain, Blacksheep, Mulligans when last checked.


McGargles, Ned's India Pale Ale ? We encountered this little brewing company only of late and again the label is what attracts the female gaze with its rather fetching illustration. It's a pale ale, so no surprises, but has just the right amount of hoppy going for it. Plus it's Irish. Gwan etc.

Williams Bros Brew Co, Roisin - So we originally went for this one for no particular reason?ahem. Fruit is the name of the game here, as they combine tayberries (never heard of them) with a crisp pale ale to gratifying effect. It pours champagne pink which doesn't hurt. Bison Bar only one we know serving it.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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