Kris Jenner Speaks Up About Bruce

It simply wouldn't be the Jenner/Kardashians without a little added drama, right? That's exactly what followed Bruce Jenner's insightful interview with Diane Sawyer in which he chronicles his journey towards this point in which he will now identify as a woman. What was obviously missing from the entire piece was a comment from his wife of 25 year, Kris Jenner, the undoubted head of the Kardashian/Jenner dynsasty. ABC make a point of noting that she was unwilling to comment while his previous two wives were more than happy to share their words of support.

Not one to keep quiet, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton then fired up on Twitter, wondering why Kris had not spoken out, to which she replied almost instantly and defensively: [email protected] fuck you Perez no one asked me to comment ...and I'm sitting with Bruce now watching this, so so let's keep it real...LOL??

Not quite sure it's a 'lol' kind of matter. ABC have since explained, once again, that there had been several attempts to get some comment from Kris, to which her team politely declined. ABC released this statement: "ABC News sent an email to her publicity team more than once. They called and said no comment."

Kris's team continue to stand firm on the fact that nobody ever said 'no comment.' ?Kris said she was unable to respond because she had not seen the special. She did not say, ?No comment.?? What sounds odd to us is that she clearly would have known the documentary was happening - it was perhaps the most hyped interview of the last few years - so if she really wanted to immortalise her words of support as part of the show, she'd simply snap her fingers and make it happen.

Up until this point, Kris had said almost nothing on the issues facing her husband Bruce, but once the show had aired, she took to Twitter with some pretty sweet words.


So, she's not the wicked witch we may have thought.


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