Kirsten Stewart's Sexuality? Who Cares?

First came the ?news? this morning of Kirsten Stewart and her roommate Alicia Cargile's matching tattoos (?they must surely be lesbians?, the tabloids cry out). We had barely breathed out a sigh of pure nonchalance before the BBC posted this absolutely unfathomable status about Rita Ora's choice of outfit on The One Show.

Why is it that despite years of striving for supposed gender equality, that one of the world's most widely respected news organisations feels the need to apologise for a guest appearing in a low cut top? Why are we still battling an apparent fear of women's sexuality, yet having to endure women being sexualised constantly by the media that punishes their own expression of sexuality?

We're a little bit appalled at the BBC's decision to deem Rita's outfit not 'suitable?. Can we just remind those who seem to have forgotten that she is wearing a pant suit? Last time we checked, they were pretty acceptable for the majority of business events actually.

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Obvious ignorance aside, it is the fact that Kirsten Stewart's sexuality suddenly seems to be prime subject for discussion that truly irks us. We're sorry but living with a friend who you get on so well with that you want to get matching tattoos does not seem to spell out ?automatically a lesbian? to us.

And if indeed Kirsten's close friendship with her room mate Alicia signals anything more than that, is it really any of our business?

Kirsten is absolutely right not to give a second thought to what people think.

We were hoping this apologising and speculating women's sexuality would be left in 2014.

If we want to wear a low cut pant suit or get a matching tattoo with our BFF, please leave us be, we can assure you that we are old enough to make our own decisions and it not be indicative of uncontrolled sexuality. Please leave these women to do the same.

Image via Radar Online

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham


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