Kim K Selfie Commercial

  • by IMAGE

Fair play, Kim Kardashian. If there's one thing that will go a long way in showbiz, it's the ability to take the p*ss out of yourself when the opportunity presents itself, and this one's golden (though let's not forget how much money she's added to her estate for this gig alone; enough to make you feel ill, no doubt).

Here Kim K stars in an ad for T-Mobile encouraging users not to neglect their unused data with the popular app, DataStash. Think of all the Kim Kardashian selfies you could be missing out on? Are you really prepared to go without Kim's OOTD or her super cute holiday videos?

Kim K and the people that surround her are obviously smart enough to know that she'd hardly be taken seriously if she were to front a more serious campaign. She'll leave the real causes to the Angelina Jolie's and the Leo DiCaprio's of this world.


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