Kim Kardashian Shares Selfie Book Cover

This morning's office chats have centered around Kim Kardashian's infamous selfie book - entitled Selfish, complete with 200 snaps - due to come crashing into our world come May. Junior Editor Jeanne says Kim's endeavours are quite the guilty pleasure of hers ("She's the Madame de Pompadour of our times. So relevant"), while Editor Ellie has had quite enough. What we're wondering though is who, other than die hard Kardashian fans, Jeanne, a large selection of creepy voyeurs and Kanye West himself would actually adorn their bookshelf with a collection of photos (most of which you can already see on her instagram profile) of Kim's pouting face?




Needless to say, it will probably earn Kim an obscene amount of money, further reinforcing that like it or not, she remains extremely relevant, breaking the internet at every opportunity. What will it be next?

In the last 24 hours, Kim herself has taken to her massively popular Twitter account to share the cover of her book, which, she says, she is super proud of.?

She's also given us a sneak peak of a fur-kini, which is essentially a regular bikini with bits of fur covering her lady parts. Kanye 'designed' it, so there's probably a lot more sartorial seriousness to it than that *cough cough*. We do apologise, Mr West.

And that's really all there is to it, folks. Some of us make our pennies working for the man, singing along to Dolly Parton, others make groundbreaking discoveries that hugely advance our experience in this world, and then there's Kim, whose flair for selfies will forever ensure that North West gets her dinner on a silver platter. We can't help but say it: fair play to her.



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