WATCH: Kim Kardashian releases trailer for prison reform documentary 'The Justice Project'

Kim Kardashian West, ever-closer to becoming a lawyer, has released a trailer for a new documentary highlighting the need for prison reform in the United States  

After reportedly hearing the story of Alice Marie Johnson, a great-grandmother sentenced to life in prison as a first-time nonviolent offender, Kardashian West embarked on a road to advocacy as she campaigned for criminal justice reform and helped convince the White House to grant Alice clemency in June 2018. The documentary follows Kardashian West, as she attempts to lend a hand to advocate for change by exploring the cases of Dawn Jackson, Alexis Martin, Momolu Stewart and David Sheppard, all of whom she and the legal experts she is working alongside, believe have been unfairly sentenced.

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“The Justice Project” follows the origins of their individual stories, revealing the devastating circumstances that led them to take the actions that changed their lives. To shed light on the criminal justice system and help people who are impacted by incarceration, Kardashian West travels to the prisons, speaks to the families and friends, lobbies public officials, and consults with lawyers as well as her own legal team from #cut50 to develop strategies to facilitate their release.

It's part of a larger prison reform push that West has been on, one she says was spurred by "raising four black children that could face a situation like any of the people that I help."


"Just to know I can make a difference in my children's lives and (others) by helping fix a broken system, that's so motivating for me," she told reporters at the Television Critics Association last weekend.

The full thing will be screened in the US this coming April, and we assume, elsewhere after, and you can watch a preview below:

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