Killer Sandwich

You may know them as the debonair couple that glide across the city in their finery making clever design things - but what you didn't know is that Mr & Mrs Stevens make a mean sandwich. The pair have had the cunning idea of pooling their talents and resources (ergo their kitchen, their discerning taste, and Twitter) to create a contemporary sambo delivery service. Killer Sandwich's modus operandi is simple. Every Wednesday they tweet the menu of the week (the sandwich) to their followers. You DM them your order and in turn they DM you back the pick-up location. It's different every week, adding a treasure-hunt je ne sais quoi to this edible experiment. These are pedigree, flavoursome and big sandwiches. So don't believe the label, they're very nice after all.

Next Killer Sandwich will be on November 8th. Follow and DM @akillersandwich?



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