Orgasm Scene From 'When Harry Met Sally' Recreated

Bravo, Vanity Fair.

As part of their annual Hollywood issue, the magazine has shifted its attention towards the best of the British, those actors who've been nominated for Academy Awards this month. A British invasion at the Oscars, if you will. To celebrate their collective success, Vanity Fair asked a selection of very familiar faces to recreate famous Hollywood scenes in one brilliant video. It's immensely enjoyable.

Highlights include Benedict Cumberbatch re-enacting that famous lake scene from Pride and Prejudice (though there's really only one Colin Firth, right?) and?Felicity Jones and Tom Hiddleston who appear as Bonnie and Clyde. But perhaps best of all is?Keira Knightley's rendition of Meg Ryan's most remembered scene from When Harry Met Sally. Yes, yes, yes; the orgasm scene. 10 out of 10 to Keira for effort.




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