Katie Sanderson's Milk Caragheen With Fennel Cream

Chef Katie Sanderson,?the foodie genius behind moving vegetarian caf? The Hare and the Living Dinners pop-up inDilisk,?is one the most exciting people working in her industry. Which is why we are excited to share some of her recipes with you. These recipes - here we have?Milk caragheen with fennel cream and salted unripe Dublin gooseberry - are part of her collaboration with design studio, Designgoat for Liminal - Irish design at the threshold, the touring flagship exhibition of Irish Design 2015 and both incorporate seaweed and sea vegetables. Yesterday we drooled over her sea salt fudge. In the meantime, try making this caragheen and check out Liminal's website. It looks like the perfect ending to a year that brought Irish design to the deserved fore.

P.S. When is this woman getting her own book deal??


25g of dried* or 80 g fresh caragheen moss (seaweed)

*if caragheen is dried soak for twenty minutes.


200ml cream

50g caster sugar

200ml milk

Toasted fennel seeds

Fennel fronds

Salted gooseberries

Fennel cream



The trick with caragheen is to add lots of texture.

Bring 600ml of water to the boil, add caragheen, lower to gentle simmer and cook for 20 minutes. In another pot, heat your milk and sugar, then leave to cool. Once the caragheen has changed colour and become gloopy, strain the caragheen through a muslin cloth, (wear gloves if you like, although the seaweed gives you silky smooth hands if you don't).

Discard the seaweed and add the gloopy mixture to slightly whipped cream, then add the milk and sugar, (it should thicken slightly). Pour into small ramekins and leave in the fridge for at least four hours or preferably overnight.

Fennel cream is made by mixing roasted fennel with a little sugar syrup and blitzing in a blender. Serve with the fennel cream, lots of seeds, fronds and the gooseberries.

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