Video of 11-year-old Kate Middleton singing 'Wouldn't it be Loverly' resurfaces online

A video has resurfaced in which an 11-year-old Kate Middleton sings in her school production of 'My Fair Lady'

A video of Kate Middleton's 1993 school production of My Fair Lady has resurfaced online, sending fans of the royal family into overdrive.

Then aged 11, Kate took on the role of Eliza Doolittle; a cockney flower seller who agrees to elocution lessons from Professor Henry Higgins.

'A lovely voice'


Now aged 38, the young Kate Middleton can be seen on stage carrying her character's famous flower basket. Draped in a shawl, with her hair pinned back, she is surrounded by a number of school mates while confidently singing Wouldn't It Be Loverly in her finest cockney accent.

The Duchess of Cambridge was a pupil at St Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, Berkshire; a private school which prides itself on "outstanding music and performing arts".

St Andrew’s says, "Performing arts allow a unique learning opportunity for your child where their confidence and self-esteem can soar.

"Creative expression also fosters empathy, problem-solving, collaboration and resilience," the school adds on its website.

While the video of Kate Middleton's performance has existed online for years, it has recently resurfaced and been shared widely on social media by fans. Many have commented on the youngster's "lovely voice", with others saying she hasn't changed a bit since she was a child.

Watch the video below:


Feature photo: (left) Splash YouTube, (right) Kensington Palace 

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