Kanye West is back with a bang on Twitter

After a long social media hiatus, Kanye West returned to everyone's Twitter feeds last week. With messages about life, love and his new Yeezy collection, fans were delighted with his return. All seemed right with the world now that we had tweets like this to scroll through:

But last night, Kanye began his daily Twitter monologue on a less-than-popular topic; politics, namely President Trump. It's been well-documented that West has been friendly with Trump in the past, meeting with him at Trump Tower after his presidential victory in 2016, much to fans' anger. But the rapper came under even more fire when he began to tweet about his 'love' for Trump and how they both possess the same 'dragon energy':



West also referred to being dissatisfied with previous US President Barack Obama's progress while in office, saying that 'nothing changed' in Yeezy and Obama's hometown of Chicago while he was President:


There was a significant backlash on social media immediately after each of the tweets, with many calling Kanye 'crazy' and questioning his mental health. His wife Kim Kardashian was quick to defend her husband and slammed the media for immediately resorting to mental illness as a reason for his outbursts:

Presumably, Kim had a chat with Kanye, because he soon tweeted to clarify that he, in fact, did not 100% agree with Trump politics:


With social media in an uproar about the tweets, and many of West's fans voicing disappointment over the star's opinions, there was one person who was pretty pleased with it all:

Of course.

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