Kanye Was Angry That Kylie Signed A PUMA Deal

Last week, Kanye tweeted that "1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That's on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!"

Yesterday, PUMA's global director of brand and marketing made a statement saying, "I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that PUMA is indeed working with Kylie Jenner.?Kylie will be featured?in the Brand's Spring-Summer women's training campaign launching in April 2016. Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion, and we couldn't think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for PUMA."


Speaking to TMZ yesterday, Kanye said that Kylie had secretly signed the deal and yeah, he was pissed off. "She had already signed it, and yeah I was mad for a little bit."

Kanye's been a little emotional lately after the success of his Yeezy Season 3 and The Life Of Pablo listening party in Madison Square Garden last week.?He's endlessly thanking Adidas on Twitter for supporting his dreams and vision. In a series of tweets on Tuesday, he said, "Adidas has really made all the difference... They provided resources for me to create... they supported me... I thank you so so much... You let me dream without limits... " Speaking to TMZ, he continued to gush with gratitude for Adidas, saying,?"The only company that ever supported me was Adidas. There wouldn't have been an MSG show. And even like, the album, The Life Of Pablo, people like that more, people are really feeling the vibe of it and everything.. it's because I was able to make the Yeezys!" I guess, a creative person, you've got to have like a bunch of creative outlets, you know. I just appreciate Adidas for helping me."

TMZ are reporting that Kylie couldn't back out of the PUMA deal at this stage, but that it's only a six-month contract. According to TMZ, PUMA agreed to?"a carve out" in her contract that will allow Kylie to continue to wear Adidas. Which is why, as PUMA was announcing that she'll be headlining their new campaign, Kylie stepped out to support Kanye in Adidas runners and posted some pictures on Instagram.

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Kylie's will reportedly earn seven figures for this deal, or as Kanye put it, a "measly million dollars."


Watch Kanye talk to TMZ below.

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