JUST IN: Penney's Is Opening An In-Store Salon And We're Too Excited

Listen up ladies, because Penney's has just changed the world of beauty as we know it.

First came the in-store nail salons, then there was the widely acclaimed make-up range. Now it seems the powers-that-be up at Penneys HQ has decided to up-the-ante once again with an incredibly affordable hair and makeup pop-up salon! PRAISE BE AFFORDABLE BEAUTY.

Here's what we know so far...

Penneys has teamed up with Glissed (the online directory for freelance beauty professionals) to create the PS X Glissed pop-up salon, which hits Penneys' Mary Street store on the 5th of February. For three months only you'll be able to choose from their range of gorgeous hair and makeup looks, priced between €5-€20, making it the cheapest beauty offering on the market right now. It goes without saying that we cannot wait to take a seat and see what kind of magic their professionals can work up for such a bargain.

Choose from five signature makeup looks – from 'Au Naturel' to 'All Out Glam' – and five hairstyles to help you complete your desired show-stopping look.



To book an appointment in advance (and considering the hysteria currently taking place in our office, we advise that you book in advance), just go to psbeauty.glissed.com or call (01) 5240053

Very well played, Penneys.

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