Jupiter Arrives In Virgo Today, Which Is Great News For Virgos

Dearest Virgos, have you been having a tough time of late? Has life not been working out to your advantage? Are lotto tickets purse debris, holidays distant dreams in the face of credit card debt, job applications wispy projectiles into the ether of chronic disappointment? Well, astrologically things are about to change. Look up to the stars, because things are looking up. As of today, Tuesday, August 11th, Jupiter is in Virgo.

What does this mean for August and Septemeber babies who tend to be exacting mistresses with a love of to-do lists? It means that you're going to have some fun. Jupiter is the planet that brings good things. Think the beginning of that movie Chocolat, when a sleepy French village is invaded by a twinkly breeze, and then Juliette Binoche arrives with a load of life-changing sweets. Jupiter in Virgo = possibly meeting your own Johnny Depp before he went full pirate pay cheque.

Jupiter will herald a cycle of growth and change. You will bloom in work, confidence, creativity and your personal life. You'll meet new people who will matter to you for a long time and bring our your best self. Life is going to get oh-so-good, so if you've been harbouring a run on some new fancy stationery, the ultimate Virgo fantasy, go out and get yourself a cool new journal. Because if ever there was a day to start #plotting, it's today. Business ideas, projects, new life chapters - get scribbling and get it all done.


Jupiter's good luck glow will continue until next September, so you have over a year to make this umbrella of fortune pay off. And, while we're sorry to darken your Amazing Day, this whole Jupiter-in-your-orbit doesn't happen often. In fact, it's an every twelve-and-a-half-year deal. The last time you had the gods smiling on you was all the way back in 2003/2004, so make this count. Go forth, breathe, and soak in the positivity that all this potential is going to bring.

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