Exciting New Photography Magazine Launching Tonight

Dublin's newest photography project ?Junior Magazine? is set to launch this evening.

Junior Magazine is the brainchild of Dublin-based photographers George Voronov and Ellius Grace, who are giving emerging talent a platform to share and document their work.

The pair, who are self-confessed photography nerds, met in Dublin through their mutual love of photography and noticed a massive gap in outlets for young creatives to showcase their talents:

"Both of our personal work is heavily involved with youth and Dublin, but we realised that there wasn't a publication out there yet to champion young photographers and the projects that they do,"?Ellius?told IMAGE.ie.

Ultimately, Junior Magazine is about creative collaboration and giving people a new platform to express themselves, as explained by Ellius; "that's what Junior Magazine is at its core: we want to bring people together and get them talking about young artists here."


"We want to foster a new photographic community, give the photographers we're featuring a spotlight, and help get their work out there," Ellius continued.

The official launch takes place this evening from 6pm at The Library Project, where copies of the magazine can be bought for €12, as well as exclusive prints. Alternatively, copies of the magazine can be bought through their Kickstarter campaign at a discounted price until Monday evening.

For more information on the event visit the Junior Magazine Facebook page.

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