Meghan Markle: before you judge her, watch these 7 videos

Meghan Markle receives a lot of bad press, but before you judge her, why not get to know what she's really like? Here are seven must-see videos before you make up your mind

Headlines can really influence how you view a person. Take singer Taylor Swift for example; until her Netflix documentary Miss Americana was released in January, millions of people across the globe believed her to be 'a two-faced snake who can't be trusted'  – simply because years-worth of headlines told them to. Since the documentary was released, many have admitted they completely misjudged her, saying she's actually a sweet girl who was misrepresented.

Meghan Markle could be described that way too. The 38-year-old has been vilified by many media organisations for doing the same things Kate Middleton has been praised for. Some outlets have accused her of being disrespectful and 'stealing' Prince Harry from his family. Others have described her as 'self-centred' and 'heartless', as someone who lacks warmth, kindness and likeability.

But we argue the opposite. In the same way that Taylor Swift's personality shone through in her documentary, so too does Meghan Markle's shine through in the seven videos below. Before you judge her, they're worth watching.


Behind-the-scenes with Meghan at Vogue

11-year-old Meghan on gender equality

Meghan Markle on the British tabloids

Meghan speaks about gender equality at the UN


Meghan on filming Suits and travelling

Meghan on Donald Trump

Quick-fire Q&A with dog-loving Meghan (2016)


Photo: Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, ITV

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