Jo on the Go

Doing: I'm just back from a weekend in Paris. Aisling and Dawn (my compatriots) and I did things only three girls lacking any tourist guilt would be OK with: primarily, eating croissants for dinner and wandering around the Versailles Palace for 17 hours because it cost us €12 to get in. I have always wanted to be French, so this suited me fine. This is what else I learned about being French:

Firstly, there is nowhere better in the world than super-chic, ultra-cool boutique Colette. I do believe if Colette was instated here in Eire, we too, could be so effortlessly chic always and forever ... OK, maybe not, but I can dream.

Secondly, French girls know their beaut?. We spent hours (yes, HOURS) perusing the French pharmacy aisles drooling over Phyts, Nuxe and super cream Avibon. Google it people, it's amazing.

And thirdly, they really don't get fat. It's a carb, croissant, wine heaven and yet there isn't a muffin top to be seen. Damn them.

Reading: GQ. It's full of beautiful men in finely tailored suits (no puckered buttons or ties stuck into trousers by way of avoiding the wind here). Not only that, but the male brain's take on a magazine is so utterly foreign and fascinating that it inspires me. The layout and design are simple and slick, but they manage to keep it smart and funny - like Family Guy funny. Nothing is taken too seriously and the girls they feature are as wondrous to me as they are to men. Lena Dunham? Yes, please. It's pretty much the best way to get inside the minds of men and it seems like a happy place.


Wishing: I had this Michael Kors watch. It's so utterly delicious - the gold, the weight, the vintage feel - Ideally, it should be spotted peeking out from underneath the cuff of a chunky grey Isabel Marant knit worn with skinny jeans on a Sunday stroll to pick up the papers. Is it time to break out the piggy bank?

Loving: Rihanna. Her Instagram is a heady mix of unattainable glamour, abs, hair and a ?crew? that oozes cool from every pore. Follow and be prepared to become an instant addict. Is it an aspirational inspiration or a depressing reminder of all we shall never be? Who cares? She's amazing.

After an internship with us, Corkonian Jo Linehan graduated to Staff Writer and now works on features and shoots about everything cool that crosses her path. She currently lives in Phibsborough, loves coffee culture and wishes she had time to learn French.?

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