JK Rowling has shared the worst sly dig she ever received in hilarious new Twitter thread

Have you ever received a sly dig? Lisa McGee asked her Twitter followers to share theirs and the answers are something to behold

Sly digs are the worst.

They are insults thinly veiled as compliments. Backhanded attempts at constructive criticism that do nothing but make the person on the receiving end scratch their head.

We have all been there at one point or another, but many us of don't make these judgments public.


Well Lisa McGee, creator of Derry Girls, put a call out on Twitter yesterday asking her followers to share the best sly dig they had ever received.

To begin, Lisa said hers came from a man she encountered in her early twenties who claimed she inspired him to become a writer "because he’d seen one of my plays and it was so terrible he thought he definitely could do better."


Replies came in thick and fast from a Twitter community who knew all too well the wrath of a sly dig. Even JK Rowling herself has experienced the power and sadness they behold, and she too shared her story.

The responses are a wonderful fusion of hilarity and wretchedness. Many focused on weight and appearance, others were sexist and even racist. Most of all though, they were funny and not in the conventional sense. The twisted wit comes from people thinking it's ok to say these kinds of things.

The human race continues to surprise and dumbfound us all.

Here are some of the best.












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