Jimmy Kimmel's Star-Studded Oscar Special

For the 10th year running, Jimmy Kimmel last night hosted a star-studded Oscar special of Jimmy Kimmel Live. One thing we've come to learn from watching previous incarnations of the Oscars special is to expect the unexpected.

The night featured interviews with winner of Best Actor in a Supporting Role JK Simmons and John Travolta as well as a great skit with Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris in which Kimmel wanted to redeem some vouchers that Harris had given him in 2003.

The night saw a return for one of our favourite Jimmy Kimmel segments, Lie Witness News. The segment involves the show taking the cameras out on the streets of Hollywood and asking random people on the street questions about completely made up topics. It never fails to make us laugh the lengths that people go to to look as if they know what they're talking about and this special Oscars version was no different.

The undisputed highlight of the night however was the belly-ache inducingly funny Kimmel School of Perfect Acting which starred a whole host of familiar faces as they attended the "greatest acting school there ever was or ever will be" according to Benedict Cumberbatch. The sketch sees Jennifer Aniston take part in the "Fall of Mistrust", Gary Oldman acting his way out of a bag, literally, and Matt Damon learning how to play the roles of a chair and a lamp. Check both parts of the sketch out below.


Where do we sign up to this school? It's what we've been missing in our lives. There are rumours that Jimmy is in line to host the Oscars themselves in the not too distant future. How do you think he'd do?


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