WATCH: 3 minutes with Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd

She's the self-confessed nerd who's on a mission to get Irish women – and men – to take control of their skincare. From building an online network, to writing a book, to selling her own skincare line, Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, wants to get under your skin. 

Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, sits down with author Sophie White for the InstaStory Club with An Post, sponsor of the Irish Book Awards. Jennifer is currently heading up her Skin Nerd Network, an online community where she offers consultations and holistic skincare advice to women of all ages.

Through her website,, Jennifer also sells her own skincare products, Skingredients , as well as other skincare ranges she believes will have an impact on your skin, whatever your issue. Her book, The Skin Nerd, was published last year, and aims to educate us on how best to protect our skin, which Jennifer drills home is an organ in our bodies.


Jennifer is the fifth author to take part in this eight-week series, which can be found across IMAGE social channels by following the #ReadersWanted. We want you, the reader, to get involved by submitting your burning questions to our eight leading authors. See you on Instagram!

What beauty items would you bring to a desert island?

I'd bring the Cleanse Off Mitt (The Skin Nerd's make-up remover), a really thorough face and body SPF, and an antioxidant serum, and probably a spritz.

Is there such a thing as safe sunbathing?

The answer is absolutely no! I'm a big fan of encouraging fake tan for that exact reason, so you can still look golden while protecting your skin, because it is an organ.

Is SPF 30 enough to wear everyday?


Coming into the winter months I tend to worry less about the number and worry more about the UVA protection and trying to get blue light protection into my skin as well as an SPF 30 or above.

At what age should we start taking skincare seriously?

Obviously every single parent can make their own decision for their own child, I have been using skincare on my own son since he was teeny tiny so that I can make sure he's really protecting and shielding his shielding his skin. So my answer is as soon as they're brushing their teeth.

Should you switch your skincare routine up when you hit your 30s?

I would start to look at bringing more vitamin A into my skincare regime, more peptides, as they are anti-ageing, and really helpful with what's called photodamage. So you don't need to change brands, but maybe spice up the ingredient.

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