Making Memories: Jennifer Rock receives a Samsung Galaxy Watch for Christmas

Jennifer Rock, founder and CEO of the Skin Nerd, has been going from strength to strength in business – and Samsung's new Galaxy Watch certainly helps her to stay organised and connected.

How it all began

Having trained as a dermal facialist, Jennifer realised there was a huge gap in the skincare market that needed to be filled. She knew people deserved a skin-friendly alternative to face wipes, and after clever innovation and a lot of hard work, the Skin Nerd’s Cleanse Off Mitt was born.

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Jennifer (and her team) is dedicated to offering educated skincare advice, as opposed to opinion-based. She is determined to teach people that the skin is an organ to be respected. Her goal is to teach people about the ingredients in their products, as well as helping them find the right products to suit their individual skin needs.

Tools to innovate

When Jennifer isn't in business meetings, she's hosting corporate events; making TV appearances, and catching up with clients (all the while continuing to learn about new products on the market). With such a busy lifestyle, the businesswoman relies on smart technology to stay organised. Enter Samsung's Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The chic, rose-gold watch proves there's more to jewellery than meets the eye. While it appears to be a simple (yet trendy) wrist accessory, inside it is so much more.

With Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch lets the wearer stay connected for longer, wherever they are. For Jennifer, it means having hands-free freedom while her watch is synced with her phone. She can also get alerts for upcoming meetings, as well as check the weather, time, and date.

It's a revolutionary piece of technology for any businesswoman, and Jennifer was thrilled to be gifted it this Christmas.


To see the Samsung Galaxy Watch in action, watch the video of Jennifer above; or click here for information. 

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