Jennifer Maguire: What Makes Me Feel Good

Utterly dismantling the jaded notion that women aren't as funny as men, Jennifer Maguire continues to lead the pack on RTE 2's Republic of Telly, arguably one of the most enjoyable offerings from our national broadcaster, as well as waking us up with a few giggles on 2FM's Breakfast Republic. No doubt inspiring a legion of young media graduates to follow in her impressive footsteps, here she fills in the blanks on our 'what makes me feel good' series, as part of our 'Get Happy' campaign, celebrating our fabulous redesign. How would you finish the sentences below?

Jennifer Maguire

Before bed I read sports news.

My family are a pain in the hoop but mean the world to me.

The song that will always cheer me up is the Care Bears theme song.


The song I can't not dance to is?Disclosure White Noise.

My happy place is my bed.

My perfect day would be spent in bed.

The one thing I eat for a happy tummy is wine (that's not food, Jen).

All I want in life is to be a happy healthy millionaire.

Life would be nothing without laughter.

To me, the definition of happiness is not being a misery.


My ultimate guilty pleasure: song all night long Lionel Richie movie Dumb and Dumber food Italian bmt from subway.

My cheer me up person is Florence, my little girl, because she's gas craic.

Life is too short for worrying about what people think.

I wish I could tell 16 year old self that big eyebrows will be in in 10 years time.

When I'm old and grey I hope to have had a tonne of Botox and dye my hair so I don't look old and grey.

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