Jennifer Lawrence To Holiday With Gwyneth Paltrow

Facing into the long summer stretch with no holidays planned and freaking out? Don't, because sometimes it is better to forego flights to anywhere and stay at home binge watching whatever Netflix tells you to. This is the sort of existence Hollywood actress and Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence wishes she signed up to we imagine, if the rumours she is about to go on holidays with her boyfriend Chris Martin, his ex Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwyneth's current boyfriend are true.

Radar reports that actress and wellness entrepreneur Gwyneth has decided to embrace the notion of a very modern family and is planning a couples x family holiday to Hawaii. The children Moses and Apple will be present, as will Chris and his girlfriend, Lawrence. Gwyneth also has her boyfriend Brad Falchuk on the guest list. Brad and Gwyneth have been seeing each other since last summer officially. He's one of the producers behind television hits?Gleeand American Horror Story. Jennifer and Chris stepped out around the same time and have been reportedly on and off the last year.

Last week Gwyneth shared a photo of her two children on Instagram.

Brother proof. Sort of.

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This sounds like the trip of a lifetime no young woman in her twenties wants. Apparently Gwyneth wants everyone to spend a week in Hawaii before the end of summer. While she's scoping out ridiculous rentals that pass the GOOP test, we like to think Jennifer is texting her agent to say yes to any immediate shoot scripts that are being sent to her inbox.


Radar's sources say that ?Poor Jen is dreading it.? However, Chris is insistent because this is how conscious uncoupling works. The former in-love couple may be blissfully not arguing, but girlfriends are almost certainly sporting pursed lips. ?Chris is still spellbound by Gwyneth and her rules, so he's insisting on it,? the source continued.

Let's just say that is one set of Instagrams we will not be getting FOMO from.


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