Jennifer Aniston Talks Oscar Snub

In true Jennifer Aniston fashion, the Hollywood actress and Friends alum has once again had to laugh off the new wave of 'poor Jen' comments, following her snubbing at last week's Oscar nominations. Jen's no stranger to the fact that people continually seem to take pity on her. First it's Brad (which people STILL ask her about), then it's about Angelina (which people, seriously, STILL ask her about, to which she finally snapped, saying it's 'tired and petty BS'), then it's because her fianc? Justin Theroux seems to be dawdling on their wedding plans. And now it's because the Oscars have left her out. 'Poor Jen'.

Get a grip, people. She's FINE! And if there's anybody we should be feeling sorry for when it comes to Oscar snubs, it's Leonardo DiCaprio. Granted, he didn't have any movies in the running this year, but still, just give him a gong and get on with it.

Appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show this week, Aniston joked with her long time pal about her incredibly hyped dissing and the fact that, well, at least she's the number one snubbed actress at the Oscars. So at least that's something.

?I'm the number one snubbed!?That's the silver lining, right??

?It hasn't even come out... That's the crazy thing! We're so shocked and amazed that we have had this much love for a movie that hasn't even been released yet.?


It's not all about awards for Jen, though. Knowing she's striking a chord with fellow chronic pain sufferers is enough of an accolade for her.

?What's been so incredible is the amount of people that have come out to me who are suffering with chronic pain and in this same situation...?It's unbelievable how much positivity it's bringing to those who are kind of silently suffering. It's a beautiful, hopeful movie.?

This movie looks isanely good. Poignant, the right kind of heavy and a major career defining moment for Jennifer Aniston. We cannot wait to see it.


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