Jane Fonda shares famous 1980s workout on TikTok for an important reason

Jane Fonda shares iconic 1980s workout to urge people to join her in the fight for a greener planet

Jane Fonda surprised the world by joining TikTok, a social video app that’s recently gained massive popularity, especially with the younger Gen Z crowd.

At first, her video appears to be showing us a tutorial of her iconic, 1980s “Jane Fonda workout”. The 82-year-old starts with leg lifts and even flashes back to one of her original videos (cue the neon leotards and legwarmers) before abruptly changing tact.

The camera then cuts to a close-up of Jane. “There are too many workouts happening right now on television and on computers,” she explains, bringing our attention to a more important cause.


“What I’d really like you to do is to workout with me for the planet."


The actress then urges audiences to help her save the planet by taking part in virtual #firedrillfridays — rallies and talks on climate change and the actions that our governments need to take for a greener Earth.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, the green movement is fighting for three things: 

  • A green new deal
  • No new fossil fuels
  • A rapid phase-out of existing fossil fuel projects and just transition to a renewable energy economy

“Whether you are on your couch or on your yoga mat, will you join me for virtual Fire Drill Fridays?” she concludes. “The future needs you. I need you.” 

The most recent event took place on Friday, April 3 and is available to watch on Fire Drill Fridays.


Rallies will continue to take place each Friday and you can join the movement by signing up at firedrillfridays.com.

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