Jack Reynor Looks Dashing in New Trailer

Don't you just feel incredibly proud of Irish actor jack Reynor? Not only has the 23-year-old landed a major franchise, that'd be Transformers, but he's steadily building a strong CV that showcases he's an actor of talent. He recently won a special jury prize at the Sundance Festival for his acting in indie movie Glassland. Reynor plays a young man living in Tallaght taking care of his alcoholic mother and the performance looks set to echo the critical plaudits he earned after What Richard Did.

Before we get a glimpse of the hard-hitting Glassland, we will get to feast our eyes on Reynor in the harmless looking romp A Royal Night Out. This wartime drama looks pretty promising so far.

jack reynor a royal night out

Armani's latest ambassador Sarah Gadon stars alongside Bel Powley as the future Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. The two royal and sheltered sisters are let loose on London town to join the citizens celebrating the end of the Second World War on V.E. Day. Of course, adventure ensues and Gadon's Elizabeth might fall for our boy Jack, who looks very dashing in uniform. All this to a rather jaunty soundtrack.


The movie is slated for cinemas March 15th. Looks good, doesn't it?

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