Chris Martin & J-Law Split

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence have called time on their 'relationship' - shock horror - and, somewhere in the land of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow is no doubt sitting back, sipping on some celery juice whilst smiling smugly to herself. Well that's what we're imagining, aren't you? More fun that way.

Yes, the 24 year old Oscar winning actress is said to have sadly ended things with her Coldplay boyfriend (we'll use that term lightly) because she was fed up of Chris playing happy families with his ex wife. Damn straight. After consciously uncoupling - *scoff* - from each other earlier this year, Gwyneth and Chris have seemed determined, probably for the sake of their kids, Apple and Banana, to show the world that they're just the BEST people at breaking up.

Have you seen that movie, Breaking Upwards? Y'know, when you have all the best intentions of being nice to each other, being friends, treating each other well and separating with as little collateral damage as possible? Yeah, well it doesn't work; you break up for a reason. If you keep the lines of communication and, more pointedly affection, wide open, then someone inevitably winds up hurt. This time, it was Miss Lawrence.

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The Mail tell us that J-Law was annoyed that Chris had been trying 'to keep her hidden away', while he'd happily go celebrate Gwyneth's birthday and enjoy intimate dinners with his soon to be official ex wife. What's more, it can't have been easy to see paparazzi snaps of Gwyneth gently caressing Chris's face as they parted ways after a cosy family dinner.


?Jennifer just couldn't compete and didn't want to.?Chris?is clearly not over Gwyneth and his main priority is?his kids. Jennifer really respects him, but she wants a man of her own. And?Chris?has been spending lots of time with Gwyneth and their kids lately. It was just?a bit too much for Jen. She doesn't want to be second to anyone. You can't blame her," a source tells

Rumour has it that Gwyneth actually drew up a rota for Chris ensuring that his family commitments, time spent with Jennifer and time spent professionally were well balanced.

The source continued:??Gwyneth still has a lot of control over him, which isn't exactly desirable to prospective girlfriends... The way things are at?the moment, no sane person would want to be an accessory to their conscious uncoupling.?

Sounds like a) Chris needs more time and b) Jen will be just fine. She's Katniss Everdeen and she's 24 years of age, lest we forget.

Do you think Gwyneth and Chris's civilsed break-up is something to be admired? Or do you think it's a contrived recipe for disaster?

For more make-ups and break-ups with our thoughts thrown in for good measure, stay tuned.



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