It's Official: Women Are Proven To Be Better Leaders Than Men

We're hardly surprised, and it's not like we needed any formal confirmation, but now it has officially been proven that women make better leaders than men.

The study was led by Professor ?yvind L. Martinsen, head of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour at the BI Norwegian Business School, who assessed the personality and characteristics of nearly 3,000 managers. The results concluded that women performed better than men in nearly all areas of the test including?initiative and clear communication; openness and ability to innovate; sociability and supportiveness; and methodical management and goal-setting.

The test did also say that men are better than women at dealing with work-related stress and that they had higher levels of emotional stability.

It's not news to know that the number of women pursuing managerial positions declines drastically the higher they progress up the career ladder, but we may want to start changing that old status quo (and fast). The number of women running the 500 most powerful companies in the US fell by more than 12% last year according to The Independent, but it's?hoped the results of this study will challenge workplace norms.


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