It's Official: Facebook Couples Who ?Overshare? Stay Together Longer

Are you one of those couples who share absolutely everything on Facebook, even though you're sitting right next to each other? And we're talking everything, even things that are just TMI? Well, we have good news for you, and really bad news for everyone who can't stand those couples: according to new research, those lovey-dovey all-over-each-other-on-Facebook couples are the pairings who stay together the longest.

Yep, so all that sharing is actually doing something good for your relationship, next time anyone goes on about it, please show them this.

The research, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, And Social Networking, studied the online behavior of 180 coupled undergrads, as well as the longevity of their relationships. They observed how many photos the couples posted of their partners, whether they marked that they were "in a relationship," frequency of wall posts on each other's walls, and the number of mutual friends. Then, they waited six months to see who was still in a relationship.

And you guessed it; the majorities of those surveyed and ?in a relationship? were still together.

As it turns out, apparently, those who share their love life online stayed together more often than those who didn't. The factors that mattered the most were indicating that you were "in a relationship," and having a bunch of photos together. Those are the two main Facebook indicators of lasting love, according to the survey - who is declaring their love online and who isn't.


Authors of the study, Catalina Toma and Mina Choi, said the reason for the success rate of staying relationships said that it's all the oversharing that increases the bond between couples. ?These publicly posted cues likely induced participants to perceive themselves as part of a romantic unit, thus cementing the relationship,? they wrote in their study.

Well, go figure. We're sure we'll see a lot more loved up couples around Facebook from now on. You'll either think this is a great thing, or hell on earth.

Read the full study HERE

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