It's Food Week

I LOVE this time of year. During Food Week we are officially allowed to wallow in and enjoy the good things in life. And all good things (and people) are often made even better by good eating and drinking. ?It's the time of year when we naturally want to gather together, to celebrate - mulling over the year we've had; remembering its ups, its downs and speculating on what's to come. All these conversations are at their best over a great meal or top notch coffee, a few creamy pints or a gorgeous glass of wine (or a few, 'tis the season etc) So in the spirit of that impending season, here's a whole week of content on great food. We're featuring brand new as well as more established restaurants and cafes as reviewed by the IMAGE team ( a sneak peek from our Top Tables Restaurant Guide - out next year) we are also delighted to feature some guest food bloggers, as well as pieces by a cool lady sommelier who gives us her ?Bluffers Guide to Wine? (how to impress when you don't have a clue!). Those cheese freaks among you (myself included) will enjoy our delectable feature on the best cheeses out there and we also have foodie books, foodie accessories?oh it's almost endless! ?So leave off those diets, let loose and live a lot. Welcome to Food Week. I hope you're hungry!



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