Is Wearing Red a Sexual Threat?

According to science women view ladies in red as sexual threats...

It's psychological research results time! This week we're seeing red, and the women who wear red as sexual threats. A University of Rochester study showed women a photo of ?a moderately attractive woman? in her twenties. Half saw her in a white dress, the other half red. Participants were then asked to rate how much they agreed with various statements in relation to the woman's personal life. When wearing red the woman was perceived as more promiscuous and . The European half of the survey was asked, ?How likely would you be to introduce this person to your boyfriend?? Replies indicated women engage is 'mate guarding? when presented with a woman in a red dress.

TIME noted that previous studies have found men view women wearing red as more 'sexually receptive?. It's all very Neanderthal and in biology red is `perceived as a sexual signal?, which will make you think twice about answering the door to the pizza delivery guy in your Christmas flannel pyjamas.


Meanwhile Chris De Burgh is feeling pretty vindicated.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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