Is This The First Makeup Brand To Feature A Man In Their Campaign?

Yes. male blogger Gary?Thompson, curator of, is the first man ever featured in a makeup campaign by L'Oreal Paris,?whose products are traditionally'marketed towards women. L'Oreal's latest 'True Match' foundation campaign began broadcasting early this month and features 23 people of varying ethnic backgrounds and skin tones - including our own Angela Scanlon - and?aims to challenge'diversity by celebrating it.?L'Oreal pride themselves in providing coverage for 98% of skin tones across the UK and Ireland.

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Why don't more men wear makeup? The status?quo of most countries suggests that makeup is a sign of femininity and beauty; two things not traditionally linked with men. However, modern life and the introduction of higher levels of free speech and, of course, the internet, has shifted the stiff status quo. Writing about the revolution on his blog, Thompson, who frequently reviews beauty products, expresses how much this campaign means to him?and how it's time to be more open when it comes to ideas of male beauty:


"The L'oreal True Match campaign means so much to me because it's not just about sharing my story it's about showing to the world that boys can wear makeup too. I remember a while back wearing makeup going about my?business,'day?to day and being teased or hearing the most unpleasant comment off people in the street that just didn't understand it. Now that we are in 2016 I think the world is being more open, especially with guys wearing makeup and the LGBT community in general. There are so much male beauty bloggers now on YouTube then there was a few years ago which is just perfect".

See the full advert here:

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