Is Souping the New Juicing?

It's cheaper and makes way more sense in this freezing climate. We talk to Julianne Brogan of BlackSheep Foods about the new foodie trend.

Might we be seeing the end of the juice cleanse? Word in foodie circles is pointing towards 'souping? becoming the next healthy diet choice, and we have to admit it makes sense. You're dealing with vegetables known for sustenance, that make you feel full and satisfied. Think butternut squash, lentils and leafy spinach. The type of meals that help us Northern Europeans hack the cold weather. Also, look at the rise of the comforting bone broth in recent months, a dish set to become a regular menu item in Domini Kemp's Alchemy Food Co. on Grafton Street.

So why might a soup cleanse have the edge on a juice one? Julianne, one of the founders of new Irish food startup BlackSheep Foods, admits that while she sees the benefits of juicing, it doesn't satisfy her hunger. ?I instantly feel healthy after drinking a beautiful green juice filled with all sorts of leafy greens, and slightly sweetened with an apple, but it never fills me. I am always left picking after it,? she explains.

For winter months, souping is an alternative that makes sense. ?It is an easy way for us to incorporate vitamin stuffed vegetables into our diets. In the colder months, soups can make the body feel fuller. In terms of general health, soups can actually be a healthier alternative as they are loaded with fibre which will strengthen your immune system and help remove toxins from the body. It also helps to anchor your blood sugar, thus making you less hungry throughout the day,? says Julianne.

The young chef also points to the cost-effectiveness of souping, and how it is cheaper make a batch of soup than to gather the expensive ingredients required for making juices. Another benefit is how a soup based diet can help cut down on dairy and gluten for people looking to decrease such foods in their day-to-day diets.


However, despite all these benefits, it might be hard to convince Irish people to embrace a soup cleanse. While drinking soup in the morning is common in parts of South East Asia, asking westerners to abandon the croissant and grain-based breakfasting habits might present a challenge. Yet, Los Angeles, of course, is seeing the souping movement gain ground. Soupure and Soupelina are two businesses in the Californian city garnering press and The Splendid Spoon in New York City is also convincing city dwellers to make the nourishing switch.

We asked Julianne how one would get started on a mild bit of juicing in these here parts. She pointed towards BlackSheep Foods green super food soup, pictured above, ?It's loaded with nothing but dark leafy greens, including, kale, spinach, watercress, peas, herbs and our homemade vegetable stock. Its given its acidify and freshness by squeezing a lemon into it at the end, rather than loading it with salt like the ones in our supermarkets. Another could be a our winter miso with kale, bok choi and a poached egg.? There's also a gluten free, sugar free health loaf packed with seeds and rosemary with some toasted almond nut butter to keep you going.

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