Is Snow Yoga a Genuine Trend?

If you know anyone in the States, you know they've been having a hard winter. Extreme weather interferes with people's lives. The outdoors is the enemy. Except for a certain tribe of yoga followers.

Yes, snow yoga is apparently a thing now.

Snowga, as the internet says it is called, is like the opposite of the popular Bikram strain, and takes place in, you guessed it, the snow. You need to haunt the #snowga hashtag on Instagram. It might make you shiver.

A photo posted by Alissa Kepas (@alissayoga) on Mar 5, 2015 at 8:06pm PST


The New York Times dissected the trend earlier this week. Snowga happens outside in freezing temperatures and one company in Montana incorporates the practice into their fitness classes. In Vermont you can choose between snowga and other snow sports.

When asked about the oxymoron of cold yoga? it's not conductive to stretching muscles - yoga fans have been surprised at how great they find it. Speaking to the Times, people have said they've gotten hot from it and found the cold to be a great atmosphere for working out. Snow shoes are somewhat necessary, because all the intentions in the world can't stave off frostbite.

We guess if the act of skiing, AKA throwing yourself off the side of a mountain, has charmed segments of humanity, why not the safer practice of stretching in the snow?

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