Is Health And Wellness The New Luxury That Everyone Wants?

Will health and wellness be the new sought-after luxury this year??We know that looking good is important, but FEELING? good is equally so. After all, the better you feel, the better you look.

It's food for thought - isn't it? That we can place X amount of value on something materialistic, yet when it comes to our health and wellness we sometimes compromise it.

Traditionally, when I think of luxury, Monet?paintings hanging in great halls of gold leaf and silk comes to mind. As does'delicately branded leather bags adorned with coloured diamonds and rare jewels, and faster- than-fast supercars.

For many others too, the idea of luxury are the things which we aspire to have. For the most part, we've been conditioned by pop culture to place our desires in things driven by celebrity culture and the need to be seen as 'on trend'.

Often, though, it's our mentality that suffers most. Mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety take centrefold.



Of course being able to buy an expensive handbag is a measure of success for many - a milestone even. But is the momentary feeling of bliss worth the financial anxiety that follows? (Unless, of course, you can comfortably shop in Brown Thomas on a regular basis, then this article may not apply to you).

Our values and understanding of the world are changing. And perhaps it's time that we challenged traditional interpretations of luxury and instead opted for something that makes us feel something more significant;?particularly so when we're far more in tune with our emotions than before.

Maybe 2017 will be the year where feeling good is the new looking good.

Health and wellness ARE luxuries (especially when so much of the world is without basic medical care and even food and water). Slowly, we're beginning to recognise the need for mental and emotional fulfilment in our daily lives. Especially when, to some, five minutes of quiet time is, in fact, a luxury.

There will always be a luxury goods market, but will they take our need for health and wellness into consideration in future? There is ample opportunity and room for innovation, and who knows, maybe we'll one day have handbags that can chemically alter our mood or even interact with us.

But ultimately, we want to feel transformed by an experience, not just simply gather clutter.


So maybe next time you find yourself saving for those Gucci loafers, you might join a yoga class instead. You'll probably feel all the better for it - and for longer.

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