Is Frozen 2 Happening?

What a year it's been for Frozen. It became the highest grossing animated-film of all time, winning awards left, right and centre both for its soundtrack and the film itself. But, like Monsters Inc and Toy Story before it, every huge animated film will eventually be replaced by the next big thing. However, if you're not quite ready to let it go (sorry) just yet, we have amazing news. In an interview with The Telegraph, actress Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, revealed that preparation for Frozen 2 is well underway. Not only that, Menzel also confirmed that a stage musical version is also in the works.

Of course, sequels aren't always a great idea. For every Toy Story 2, there's an Ice Age 2. For every Meet The Fockers, there's a Hangover II. ?However, we're more than sure that the good people at Disney know what they're doing and we won't be disappointed. We'll have to stay calm until there's an official announcement from Disney but the revelation from Mendel is backed up by quotes from Georgina Haig, who plays Elsa in the Disney TV series Once Upon A Time, who said that she believed a second film was being discussed.

What is confirmed, however, is that there will be a Frozen-inspired short film released early next year, starring all of the original cast. Entitled Frozen Fever, the film will be set around Anna's birthday, with everyone determined to give her the best party ever. However, there are fears that Elsa's icy powers may put the celebrations at risk.

Are you as excited as us? What's your favourite film sequel?


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