Is Amy Schumer Joining The Star Wars Cast?

Our hearts were all a flutter this morning with the rumour that Amy Schumer could join the cast of Stars Wars Episode 8. Wouldn't that just be the most amazing thing ever?

Following all the controversy over the weekend about her GQ shoot where she basically got down with C3PO and the other drones, fans of the endless series expressed their distaste?on twitter:

And even?Disney and Lucasfilm waded in to condemn the shoot, saying they "did not approve, participate or condone this inappropriate use of our characters". Ouch, maybe they haven't seen how wickedly funny she is on?Inside Amy Schumer?!


Hopefully?they'll change their minds once they see her new movie?Trainwreck?and directed by?Judd Apatow, which is getting rave reviews after being released in the U.S. over the weekend. Thankfully, Luke Skywalker gets the joke, as Mark Hamill tweeted his support of Schumer and how lucky?Star Wars? would be to have her. In fairness, it would bring?a whole other audience to the franchise.

While it may not be likely?that Amy will join'the cast of Star Wars based on their rather stuffy response to the shoot, we can but live in hope.

One thing is for sure, if Amy Schumer was casted in?Star Wars?Episode?8?the sexual innuendo would be out of this world, and if we knew any more about Star Wars?other than it's based in space (yes, guilty), we'd list them for you here. You're more likely to find us?watching?Amy's hit Comedy Central show so we're going to close with her One Direction parody here instead.


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