Irish Women Say No To Children At Weddings

The subject of weddings always brings up debate, and the topic of having children at weddings even more so. It's a tricky issue. Some can take great offense if their children aren't invited along with their spouses, but it can often be about a numbers game, especially if you have a large extended family. Budget constraints may prevent you from being able to invite the younger kids along, or you might simply just not want to invite them. Also, perhaps the guest themselves may wish to leave their little ones at home for the day.

In a recent survey conducted by, it was found that over 52 percent of mothers would not want to bring their children to a wedding.

It's a topic that is always going to divide people. Irish wedding planner Tara Fay thinks, ?No children should be the rule at weddings.? She was behind the wedding of Rosanna Davidson last summer and told The Herald, despite the fact she has three young children of her own, she wouldn't bring them to a wedding because she would not be able to relax and enjoy herself knowing she had to look after them.

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She also said that she fully believes weddings are for adults and excessive drunkenness around children is just not on. ?I am very traditional and a bit of a prude, as I don't believe that children should be around alcohol at all,? Tara said. It's a fair point.

Mummypages writer Laura spoke on Ireland AM recently about the issue, and she said that she thinks thinks that children do have a place at weddings but also had some tips to help avoid disaster on the big day. She said that Irish weddings tend to go on quite late so it is essential to ?provide a menu for children and provide entertainment? she added that you should ?bring spare clothes for children and yourself and then with babies having lots of bottles and a buggy.?


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Sixty-nine percent surveyed said that the decision should up to the bride and groom, and not the parents, which we think makes sense. It is the couple's special day after all.

It seems that Irish think newborns should be automatically invited to the proceedings, as Only 12 percent disagreed with the statement ?Newborns under six months should automatically be invited,? according to the stats from the survey.

This is an interesting one, what are your thoughts?

Via TV3/ The Herald

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